We appreciate you may not know the true value of your Racing related item for sale. The chances are we do! We have sold many racing cars and parts over the last few years and we have a grip on the current and past values of our sales.

We offer a valuation service to get our sellers the best price for their item based on previous and current knowledge of the market.

The service includes:

  • Allocation of an EM representative to manage your account
  • Report showing 3 suggested price points for your item to sell
  • Price point one – Off load in 6 weeks time
  • Price point two – True Market Value
  • Price point three – Achievable maximum price

We suggest the above based on facts collected by our previous sales data, market insight, competitors pricing and general motorsports knowledge and advice from our trusted advisors.

The seller will receive a full report demonstrating our findings and suggestions for pricing. Once this is received Everything Motorsport will build the listing on the client’s behalf and promote to the market.

Should the client opt for the advert to be kept internal and sold directly to a buyer identified in Everything Motorsport’s data base, meaning the listing will never actually reach the open/visible market there is an additional fee to be agreed for us to facilitate the sale.

The valuation service is available from £250+VAT, should the seller then want to sell discreetly to our database we would require a further fee to be agreed for introduction to the sale.

The valuation service can be used to gain knowledge on what you item is worth

Please enquire about valuation here:

Call +44 (0)1782 393843