How To Pursue a Career as a Formula 1 Pit Crew Member 

Joining an F1 pit crew can be an exhilarating way to be part of the fast-paced world of racing without actually being behind the wheel. With your passion for speed and precision, the motorsport world is just waiting for you! 

Here we will cover the absolute basics along with tips and tricks in order to get you into the motorsport industry as quickly and as efficiently as possible!  

What Exactly Does a Formula 1 Pit Crew Member Do? 

As soon as the car enters the pitlane, the team springs into action. They perform many actions as efficiently as possible so that the driver can make a swift return to the track. This is all done to perfection meaning there is no room for mistakes as it could take their 3-second pit-stop up to 10-seconds. 

The duties of a pit crew member extend well beyond the mere act of tyre replacement. Every member of a pit crew fulfils a unique role that overall enhances the efficiency of a pit stop. F1 teams have a total of up to 22 members involved in a single pitstop! All of these individuals are responsible for stabilising the car, changing the tyres, adjusting the aerodynamics, and safely releasing the car.  

Types Of Pit Crew Members: 

Tyre gunner: Operates wheel gun to remove and fit the wheel nut – one crew member is required for each tyre. 

Tyre Off: removes the old tyre – one crew member is required for each tyre. 

Tyre On: brings tyres to the pit box and fits the new tyre onto the car – one crew member is required for each tyre. 

Front Jack: lifts the front of the car in the air to allow the tyres to be changed – two crew members are required for this role. 

Rear Jack: lifts the rear of the car in the air – two crew members are required for this role. 

Side Jack/Steadier: lifts the car from the side panels – two crew members are required for this role. 

Front Wing Flap Adjuster: applies aerodynamic changes to the front wing – two crew members are required for this role. 

Lollipop Man: gives the signal for the car to be released – one crew member is required. 

Educational Pathways 

Although there is no degree required to become a pit crew member, there are some tips and tricks that may help your cause.  
Firstly, having a wide range of knowledge about the F1 industry and the vehicle itself is a great way to start! For example, you could begin to engage in formal education in engineering or a related discipline that can provide a strong base of knowledge about the sport. Another simple way to gain experience and further increase your chances of success in the motorsport world is to join any local motorsport team to gain first-hand experience from the pit crew veterans and even participate in the pitstops yourself, once you feel that you have gained enough experience. 


When becoming part of an F1 pit crew, you must undergo training and courses to enter the scene. These programmes aim to help equip you with the essential abilities and knowledge to carry out the pit stops. Training includes tyre-changing techniques, car lifting procedures, wing adjustments, and emergency protocols. Many organisations provide training programs both online and in person. 

Physical Requirements 

Joining a pit crew is far from easy, part of this is due to the fact it is extremely physically demanding, especially when operating at the elite level of motorsports (F1). Being part of a pit crew requires speed, power, and overall skill. This means that the crew members need to be in excellent physical condition to endure long and strenuous work hours whilst ensuring that they are still working at their optimum level throughout the whole work shift, making sure they are doing the work as swiftly and efficiently as possible. 

In Conclusion 

Becoming a pit crew member demands many attributes which you may already have or can build on.  

Hopefully, this has helped significantly in your decision whether you want to become part of a pit crew or not! If your answer is yes, remember you may run into some inconveniences and it may not be as straightforward as it sounds, but as long as you are committed and driven to your goal, your dream can become reality in no time!