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Mahiki Racing is looking to expand into more championships starting this winter season and into 2025 with the right people to make a winning team!

Please kindly note that we will not be using recruiters for these roles, and emails or calls from recruiters regarding these roles will not be acknowledged.

We are currently seeking highly skilled and experienced No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 mechanics to join our team.

No.1 Mechanic

Key Responsibilities:
Leadership: Lead the mechanical team, ensuring all tasks are completed to the highest standards.
Car Preparation: Oversee the assembly, maintenance, and repair of race cars, ensuring optimal performance.
Pit Stop Coordination: Manage and coordinate pit stop activities during races.
Quality Control: Ensure all work complies with team standards and championship regulations.
Mentorship: Train and mentor No. 2 and No. 3 mechanics, fostering a collaborative and high-performing team environment.

Required Skills and Experience:

Technical Expertise: In-depth knowledge of race car systems and components.
Leadership Skills: Proven ability to lead and manage a team under pressure.
Problem-Solving: Strong diagnostic and problem-solving abilities.
Communication: excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
Flexibility: willingness to travel and work irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.
Attention to Detail: A careful approach to ensuring the highest quality of work.

No.2 Mechanic

Key Responsibilities:
Support: Assist the No. 1 mechanic in all aspects of car preparation and maintenance.
Assembly: Participate in the assembly and disassembly of race cars.
Maintenance: Conduct routine maintenance and repairs as directed by the No. 1 mechanic.
Pit Stops: Support pit stop operations, ensuring quick and efficient service.
Documentation: Maintain accurate records of work completed and parts used.

Required Skills and Experience:

Technical Knowledge: Strong understanding of vehicle systems and mechanical components.
Teamwork: ability to work effectively as part of a team.
Problem-Solving: Good diagnostic and troubleshooting skills.
Communication: clear and concise communication skills.
Flexibility: willingness to travel and work irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.
Attention to Detail: High level of accuracy and attention to detail.

No.3 Mechanic

Key Responsibilities:
Assistance: Provide support to No. 1 and No. 2 mechanics in all mechanical tasks.
Preparation: Assist in the preparation and setup of race cars.
Maintenance: Perform basic maintenance tasks under supervision.
Pit Stops: Assist in pit stop activities, ensuring efficiency and speed.
Learning: Continuously develop skills and knowledge through hands-on experience and training.

Required Skills and Experience:

Technical Skills: Basic understanding of vehicle mechanics and components.
Willingness to Learn: Eagerness to develop skills and take on new responsibilities.
Teamwork: ability to work well within a team.
Flexibility: willingness to travel and work irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.
Attention to Detail: Strong focus on accuracy and detail.

Please get in touch by sending a CV and cover letter to info@mahikiracing.com.

No.1 , No.2 , No.3 Mechanic

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