Tyre Technicians


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Mahiki Racing is looking to expand into more championships starting this winter season and into 2025 with the right people to make a winning team!

Please kindly note that we will not be using recruiters for these roles and emails/calls from recruiters regarding these roles will not be acknowledged.

We are currently seeking highly skilled and experienced Tyre Technicians to join our dynamic team.

Tyre Technicians

Key Responsibilities:
- Tyre Preparation: Manage the preparation, fitting, and balancing of tyres for race and test events.
- Performance Analysis: Monitor tyre performance and wear, providing detailed analysis and feedback to engineers and drivers.
- Data Logging: Maintain accurate records of tyre usage, pressure settings, and temperature readings.
- Pit Stop Support: Assist with tyre changes during pit stops, ensuring quick and efficient service.
- Inventory Management: Keep track of tyre inventory, ensuring the availability of the right tyres for each event.
- Compliance: Ensure all tyres meet safety standards and comply with championship regulations.
- Communication: communicate with tyre manufacturers and suppliers to stay updated on the latest technologies and developments.

Required Skills and Experience:
- Experience: Experience in motorsport tyre management or a related field.
- Technical Knowledge: Strong understanding of tyre dynamics, compounds, and performance characteristics.
- Analytical Skills: Ability to analyse tyre performance data and make informed recommendations.
- Teamwork: Excellent teamwork skills, able to collaborate effectively with engineers, drivers, and other team members.
- Communication: Clear and concise communication skills, both verbal and written.
- Flexibility: Willingness to travel and work irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.
- Attention to Detail: High level of accuracy and attention to detail in all aspects of tyre management.
- Problem-Solving: Strong diagnostic and problem-solving abilities to address tyre-related issues quickly.


Please get in touch by sending a CV and cover letter to info@mahikiracing.com

Tyre Technicians

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